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The National Legal Aid chair, Louise Glanville, has issued a pressing call for an extra $300 million in yearly government funding to meet the escalating need for legal aid services concerning family violence in Australia. The current funding shortfall is putting victim-survivors of domestic violence at risk, as highlighted by Glanville.

Glanville expressed concerns about the limited funding available for family law services, emphasizing the potential danger this poses to women in need of crucial support. The demand for family advocacy and support services, duty lawyer representation, and calls to domestic violence units has shown a noticeable increase, signifying the urgency of the situation.

In response to these challenges, the federal attorney general is contemplating an independent review of the national legal assistance partnership agreement. This review aims to ensure more accessible justice for vulnerable individuals by potentially enhancing the current legal assistance services available.

The call for additional funding and the need for improved legal aid services highlight the critical importance of addressing the rising demand for family violence-related legal support in Australia.


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Article Title: National Legal Aid calls for $300m funding increase to keep Australian women safe
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