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A young girl in Adelaide has made her first public appearance in court facing serious terror charges related to possessing explosive instructions and extremist material. During the hearing at Adelaide Youth Court, her lawyer requested to close the session to safeguard the girl’s welfare. However, this request was met with opposition from reporters citing public interest in the case.

The magistrate, Tracee Micallef, decided to exclude the media from the current hearing but hinted at the possibility of allowing reporting in the future. The case has been adjourned for further consideration, and the girl is scheduled to appear in court again on April 19.

The legal proceedings have attracted attention as a young man assisted the girl as she left the court premises, emphasizing the sensitivity and seriousness of the situation. The police have emphasized that possessing material that encourages or justifies terrorist acts is considered extremist and unlawful.

As the case progresses, the focus remains on ensuring a fair and just legal process while balancing the need for public awareness and protection of the young girl’s welfare.


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Article Title: Adelaide girl, 14, charged with possessing explosive instructions and extremist material
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