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Lisa Wilkinson’s agent, Nick Fordham, has voiced strong criticism against Network Ten for their treatment of Lisa following her removal from The Project. Fordham demanded that the network ensure that high-profile interviews, including with King Charles and A-list celebrities like Michelle Obama, are conducted to soften the blow after Lisa’s departure.

The ongoing saga between Lisa Wilkinson and Network Ten has escalated, with court documents revealing details of the fallout. Wilkinson’s reduced pay and clothing allowance, as well as her emotional distress over the situation, were highlighted in the legal proceedings. Despite her court victory against Ten, Lisa’s agent raised concerns about the network’s decisions and treatment of the veteran journalist.

Network Ten CEO, Beverley McGarvey, defended the network’s support for Lisa during this challenging period. The court documents also shed light on Lisa’s fears about having to sell her multimillion-dollar mansion to cover legal fees, showcasing the personal toll of the legal battle.

The conflict between Lisa Wilkinson and Network Ten continues to unfold, with tensions running high and emotions at the forefront of the legal dispute. Fordham’s critique of Ten’s actions underscores the complexities of the situation and raises questions about the network’s handling of the matter.


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Article Title: Lisa Wilkinson’s demands after being dropped from The Project
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