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Find a Lawyer in Alice Springs, Northern Territory

If you have a court case coming up in Alice Springs, or are requiring some legal advice, our Alice Springs lawyers are here to help. You can contact us at any time for a no-obligation, confidential consultation to discuss your legal requirements.

Alice Springs Family Lawyers

There is no doubt that enduring a marriage or relationship breakdown is one of the most distressing periods in a person’s life. This is why it is pivotal to seek advice from an experienced family lawyer to guide you through the court process.

Our Alice Springs family lawyers can assist you with a range of services such as helping you make important decisions, separation, children and parenting, mediation, family violence, property settlements, divorce and any other family law matters you may have.

Alice Springs Criminal Lawyers

At Law By Dan, Alice Springs Criminal Lawyers are renowned for providing strong representation and accurate legal advice to each and every client. Our Alice Springs criminal lawyers regularly appear in court representing clients for a range of criminal offences including traffic offences, drink driving, drug offences and legal aid.

Our Alice Springs criminal lawyers are experienced in navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system and will ensure you understand each relevant process.

Alice Springs Compensation Lawyers

Here at Law By Dan, our Alice Springs compensation lawyers are widely recognised as passionate and experienced in the area of compensation law. With many years of experienced at hand, our Alice Springs compensation lawyers can help you with a range of legal services such as medical negligence, super claims, injuries sustained in the workplace, public liability, injury claims and any other compensation matter you may have.

If you require more information regarding your accident or sustained injuries, our Alice Springs personal injury lawyers are available at any time for a no-obligation, confidential phone call.

Alice Springs Employment Lawyers

Our Alice Springs employment lawyers recognise the importance of feeling safe and knowing your rights as an employee.

Our Alice Springs employment lawyers are have a proven track record for providing expert legal advice and strong representation tailored to suit each employees individual needs and circumstance.

Our Alice Springs employment lawyers obtain a wealth of knowledge in all things employment law from workplace investigations and employment contracts through to recovering bonus payments and much more pertaining to employment law.

Alice Springs Business Lawyers

Are you looking to start a business? Need help running one? Or currently in the process of selling one? If so, our Alice Springs business lawyers can help.

Our team of Alice Springs business lawyers have many years of experience in mitigating the costs associated with running a successful business as well as provide you with the necessary tools and advice to grow your business.

Alice Springs Wills and Estate Lawyers

Making or even changing a Will is an often stressful process and requires the help of an experienced Wills and Estate Lawyer.  Our Alice Springs Wills and Estate Lawyers are experienced in helping clients make big decisions and are renowned for providing individual advice specific to your circumstance and wishes.