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An alleged religious cult leader, William Little Pebble Kamm, is currently in custody awaiting trial for allegations of grooming girls as young as 16. His partner, Sandy Mathison, has also been arrested on similar charges. The court heard that Kamm has a history of breaking court orders, raising concerns about potential risks to the community.

Authorities have imposed additional bail conditions on Kamm, including restrictions on phone and internet use, as well as contact with specific individuals. The case has been adjourned until May 23rd, with neither Kamm nor Mathison entering pleas.

The allegations against Kamm and Mathison highlight the seriousness of the charges and the need to address potential risks associated with their actions. Concerns about grooming underage girls and the safety of the community are at the forefront of this legal case.


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Article Title: Alleged cult leader and convicted paedophile William ‘Little Pebble’ Kamm set to be released on bail awaiting grooming allegations
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