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Frank Bosco, a member of the One Four gang, found himself in court after being implicated in a violent brawl outside a Surry Hills nightclub. The altercation escalated to the point where a man was stabbed, leading to Bosco facing serious charges.

Bosco is accused of wounding with intent to murder, wounding in company, and involvement in the brawl that occurred outside the Noir nightclub. Police assert that Bosco played a significant role in a planned and coordinated attack on the victim, resulting in severe injuries.

Despite seeking bail with various conditions, including daily reporting to the police, Bosco’s application was denied by the court. The decision was influenced by the gravity of the charges brought against him and his extensive criminal record.

The case sheds light on the involvement of gang members in violent incidents and the legal actions taken to address such criminal activities. Bosco’s situation serves as a reminder of the consequences individuals may face when implicated in serious offenses.


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Article Title: Twist for alleged One Four gang member charged over role in machete attack
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