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Australian artist and former university professor Pierre Mol has pleaded guilty to assaulting three new victims, including Ashley Yakimchuk, who had previously reported him for assault. Mol, who had been convicted in 2015 for assaulting three women, targeted his latest victims through Gumtree ads for work, where he sexually assaulted them despite their protests.

The recent case involves two additional women who responded to Mol’s job ads and were subsequently assaulted. Mol, renowned for his artistic contributions, gained fame in the early 2000s for painting the largest mural in the southern hemisphere. However, this mural is now set to be removed following a public outcry from his victims.

The NSW Government announced the decision to remove Mol’s mural as part of efforts to create safe and inclusive spaces, acknowledging the distress it caused to the victims. Those affected by Mol’s assaults have welcomed the mural’s removal, stating that its presence served as a constant reminder of the trauma they endured at his hands.


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Article Title: ‘Vulnerable teenagers’: Victims of serial Gumtree rapist speak out after the artist lured them with promise of modelling work
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