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Safety concerns have been raised in Australia’s aviation sector following the revelation of leaked risk assessments highlighting major deficiencies in firefighting resources at several airports across the country. Airservices Australia’s internal documents have shown extreme risks of aircraft fires at key airports like Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide, with others like Sydney, Canberra, and Hobart deemed “high risk.”

The United Firefighters Union Australia (UFUA) is currently engaged in tense negotiations with Airservices Australia over these safety issues. With a potential four-hour strike planned for April 15, there are fears of disruptions for travelers, particularly as the school holiday season comes to an end. The union is advocating for changes in the enterprise agreement to address staffing shortages and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Moreover, the aviation industry as a whole is urging both parties to reach an agreement swiftly to prevent any disruptions to air travel. Concerns about bullying and recent flight delays caused by staffing issues have also come to light, adding to the urgency of resolving these safety challenges in the aviation sector.

In light of these revelations and ongoing negotiations, the focus remains on ensuring the safety of air travelers and implementing necessary changes to enhance firefighting resources and emergency response capabilities at airports nationwide.


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Article Title: Aviation firefighters to strike after revelations Australian airports at ‘extreme risk’ during emergencies
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