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Former Australian foreign minister Bob Carr is contemplating taking legal action against New Zealand’s deputy prime minister Winston Peters after Peters accused him of being a “Chinese puppet” for criticizing the Aukus pact. The disagreement between the two politicians sheds light on the varying perspectives surrounding the Aukus agreement and China’s influence in the region.

Peters’ remarks sparked a heated exchange, with Carr considering Peters’ comments as defamatory and contemplating legal recourse. The tension underscores the ongoing debate about New Zealand’s potential involvement in the Aukus pact and its relationship with China, a significant economic partner.

Notable figures like Helen Clark and Chris Hipkins have also weighed in on the issue, with Hipkins urging Prime Minister Christopher Luxon to address Peters’ statements. Carr’s previous criticisms of China’s actions in the South China Sea and Hong Kong, coupled with his reservations about the Aukus pact, have further fueled the dispute between the two politicians.

The rift between Carr and Peters serves as a microcosm of broader discussions about regional alliances, security pacts, and the delicate balance that countries like New Zealand and Australia navigate in their relationships with both China and Western powers.


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Article Title: Bob Carr accuses Winston Peters of defamation after NZ deputy PM calls him a ‘Chinese puppet’
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