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Find a Lawyer in Bunbury, Western Australia

Here at Law By Dan, we understand that court proceedings are often a daunting experience for everyone involved.

Our team of expert lawyer’s willingness to achieve the best outcome possible, paired with our expert legal knowledge will ensure a successful and hassle-free court proceeding is achieved.

Our Bunbury lawyers specialise in the following practice areas: family law, criminal law, compensation law, employment law, business law and wills and estate law.

Bunbury Family Lawyers

Finding a family lawyer who understands the fragility of a family law matter is often a difficult process.

Our Bunbury family lawyers are experienced in working and co-operating with a diverse range of clients from as wide range as farmers to doctors and retirees to their carers Thus, our lawyers are aware of the individualism of each family law matter.

Our Bunbury family lawyers are easily accessible and can help you with divorce, consent orders, custody, child support, maintenance, prenups, restraining orders, and property matters.

Bunbury Criminal Lawyers

Have you been charged with a criminal offence in or around Bunbury? If so, it is imperative that you seek expert advice.

Our Bunbury criminal lawyers specialise in all areas of criminal law.

Our Bunbury criminal lawyers help you if you have been found guilty of dangerous driving or serious traffic violations, possession of drugs or partaking in drug trafficking, all forms of assault (common assault, sexual assault and grievous bodily harm), fraud, murder or manslaughter and burglary.

Our Bunbury criminal lawyers are experienced in their chosen field and are readily available to have a no-obligation and confidential chat with you regarding your criminal matter.

Bunbury Compensation Lawyers

If you reside in or around Bunbury and require compensation legal services, our team of expert compensation lawyers will provide you with accurate advice and strong representation (if required) to achieve not only a successful outcome, but a cost effective one.

Our Bunbury compensation lawyers are committed to righting wrongs and ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. In the event of a road accident, work accident or obtaining an injury as a result of a public crime, our Bunbury compensation lawyers will be here for you.

Bunbury Employment Lawyers

At Law By Dan, our team of employment lawyers obtain a proven track record in providing accurate and case-specific representation relating to a wide range of legal complexities.

Our Bunbury employment lawyers are experienced in navigating workplace investigations, negotiating terms of employment contracts and recovering bonus payments.

Our Bunbury lawyers are renowned for their commitment to ensuring each of their clients achieve the best outcome possible in their employment matter.

Bunbury Business Lawyers

Finding a business lawyer who will deliver results in a timely fashion, offer accurate legal advice and help you understand your rights is a tiresome process.

Our Bunbury business lawyers will not only provide you with the following but will also deliver our services in a manner free of legal jargon and stress.

Our Bunbury business lawyers are extremely thorough, helpful and committed to the present and future success of your business.

Bunbury Wills and Estate Lawyers

Here at Law By Dan, we are dedicated and experienced in wills and sstate law.

Our wills and estate lawyers can help you with contesting a Will, making or updating a Will and Estate administration.

Our Bunbury wills and estate lawyers believe that every individual has the right to legal advice and thus, will only charge our fee in the event that a successful outcome is achieved.