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Central Coast Solicitors

We know at Law By Dan that legal issues can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is another problem on top of your legal problem. That’s why we take all the guesswork out of trying to find the best lawyer for your issue. Here are answers to our commonly asked questions.

Find the Best Lawyer in Central Coast, NSW

If you are located on the Central Coast and have a pending legal matter to resolve, our Central Coast Lawyers are the people to see.

If you have a legal matter, our Central Coast Lawyers can help you today. At Law By Dan, we are experts in an array of practice areas including family law, criminal law, compensation law, employment law, business law and wills and estate law.

Central Coast Family Lawyers

If you have found yourself in a family law conundrum, our team of Family Lawyers are here to help you.

We are committed to helping you get past this difficult time in your life with minimal fuss. Our family lawyers can help you with any of the following matters:

  • divorce and separation;
  • arrangements for access to children;
  • de facto relationships;
  • property settlement;
  • domestic violence;
  • prenuptial agreements;
  • child support;
  • all other areas of family law.

Central Coast Criminal Lawyers

If you have been confronted with a criminal charge, it isn’t worth risking the consequences of going into the criminal justice system alone. Our criminal lawyers are here to help.

Our criminal lawyers can help you with understanding your options, liaising with police if charged, representing you in court, assisting you with applications for bail and much more.

Central Coast Compensation Lawyers

Navigating the legal system alone is often a daunting experience, particularly in the area of civil law.

Our personal injury lawyers are here to take the stress off of you to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible and positive outcomes are achieved.

Our team of civil lawyers are equipped with all the tools necessary for protecting your legal rights, providing expert advice on all areas of civil law, and approaching your matter with professionalism and passion.

Central Coast Employment Lawyers

In most cases, at some stage in someone’s career, they will seek advice from an employment lawyer.

A person may do so before starting a new career, during or upon leaving a current employer.

At Law By Dan, we are here to help you along the way and to ensure you are rewarded fairly and can continue working productively.

Central Coast Business Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we are readily available to help you with establishment and maintenance of your business or workplace.

Our team of approachable and professional business lawyers will work with you to identify appropriate organisational structures and cultural foundations in the business.

Our business lawyers are known for their expert legal advice relating to all areas of business, commercial and litigation law matters.

Our business lawyers ultimate goal is to alleviate the stress that running a business entails and in turn, provide you with the skills to get back on track with your business habits.

Central Coast Wills and Estate Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we draw on years of experience to deliver expert advice and guidance relating to your will and estate.

Our central coast lawyers understand the sensitivity of wills and estate matters and are committed to assisting you with both professionalism and patience.

Our services entail drafting wills, estate planning, producing highly effective documents and management of estates. If any of these areas apply to you, our wills and estate lawyers are here to help you.