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In a significant legal development, Bassam Hamzy, the founder of the Brothers 4 Life gang, has launched a civil action against the conditions prevailing in New South Wales’ highest-security prison. Hamzy alleges that the treatment of inmates within the facility violates established regulations, particularly in terms of cruel and degrading practices.

At the forefront of Hamzy’s legal challenge are issues such as regular segregation and the distressing sight of fellow inmates engaging in self-harm within the confines of the Goulburn Supermax prison. He contends that these conditions are detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of prisoners, contravening laws that safeguard against inhumane treatment.

Hamzy’s legal action also extends to his right to communication, as he challenges the decision to deny him phone contact with his lawyer in 2022. The civil case further delves into concerns regarding access to witnesses and ensuring a fair hearing for high-risk inmates like Hamzy within the prison system.

The court proceedings underscore a broader conversation about the treatment of inmates in high-security prisons and the need to uphold regulations that protect their fundamental rights. As Justice Anthony Meagher reserves judgments on Hamzy’s application for access to witnesses, the case sheds light on the complexities and challenges within the correctional system, particularly in addressing the well-being and legal rights of prisoners facing extreme confinement.


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Article Title: Bassam Hamzy asks court to declare Goulburn Supermax be ‘shut down’ over conditions
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