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In a gripping trial, Justin Laurens Stein, accused of murdering nine-year-old Charlise Mutten in the Blue Mountains, testified that it was Charlise’s mother who shot the child and then tried to frame him for the crime. Stein has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges, providing his account of the events leading to Charlise’s tragic death.

Stein claimed he found Charlise dead and later discovered her body in a barrel near Colo River. He recounted a series of events involving Charlise’s mother, detailing her drug use, a gunshot, and her alleged attempt to shift the blame onto him. Despite admitting to lying to the police initially, Stein insisted he was not responsible for Charlise’s death.

The trial has been marked by conflicting testimonies between Stein and Charlise’s mother, each presenting a different narrative of the circumstances surrounding the young girl’s disappearance and death.


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Article Title: Man accused of murdering Charlise Mutten blames girl’s mother for shooting
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