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In a significant decision, Cumberland City Council in Western Sydney has voted to overturn the ban on same-sex parenting books in local libraries. The council’s move came after a contentious debate that lasted for hours, with passionate arguments and clashes both inside and outside the council meeting.

The initial ban on these books was introduced as part of an amendment to adopt a three-year library strategy. However, this decision faced strong criticism from various community members and leaders, including NSW Arts Minister John Graham, who warned of potential funding consequences due to the ban.

Prominent figures such as Premier Chris Minns and Opposition Leader Mark Speakman expressed their disapproval of the ban, with Minns calling it a “joke” and Speakman likening it to actions seen in totalitarian countries. The decision to reinstate the books was met with support from individuals emphasizing the importance of freedom of information and tolerance in society.

The council’s reversal of the ban reflects a positive step towards inclusivity and diversity in library collections, ensuring that all members of the community have access to a variety of resources and perspectives.


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Article Title: Western Sydney council votes to overturn ban on same-sex parenting books in libraries
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