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In a recent ruling, the NSW Supreme Court has mandated that a 14-year-old disabled teenager undergo intrusive cancer treatment despite her family’s strong desire for palliative care. The girl, who suffers from drug-resistant epilepsy and severe developmental delays, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a rural New South Wales hospital on March 5.

The family expressed their wish for the teenager to receive palliative care to prevent any additional pain and suffering, considering her existing medical challenges. However, the court ruled in favor of the hospital treatment, emphasizing that not pursuing treatment would essentially be condemning the girl to a premature death.

The hospital has been granted the authority to provide necessary medical and nursing care for the leukemia. The case will be revisited on June 14 to monitor the girl’s progress under the court’s orders. This decision has sparked a debate between respecting the family’s wishes and ensuring the best medical care for the teenager in this challenging situation.


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Article Title: Severely disabled teenager to be forced into chemo in landmark NSW court ruling
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