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A group of twenty-eight federal crossbenchers has written to the nation’s top law officers, urging them to allocate an additional $174 million in funding for community legal centers. The crossbenchers highlight the crucial role these centers play in providing support and legal pathways for family violence victims.

Concerns have been raised about the potential collapse of the community legal sector nationwide due to a significant funding shortfall, with particular issues noted in the Northern Territory. A local barrister emphasized the dire consequences for vulnerable groups if the sector’s financial needs are not met.

The attorneys-general are set to discuss funding arrangements for community legal centers, addressing the gap identified in Dr. Warren Mundy’s recent report. The crossbenchers stress that current funding levels are insufficient and jeopardize essential legal services for those most in need.

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Article Title: Leading NT barrister says community legal sector collapsing, as crossbench calls for urgent funding injection
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