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Australian authorities are on high alert due to the growing presence of a dangerous synthetic opioid known as Nitazenes in the country. This potent drug, similar to fentanyl but up to 50 times stronger, has been increasingly detected at the border. Despite being disguised as substances like cocaine, heroin, and MDMA, Nitazenes carry a significant risk of overdose and can be fatal, with no safe dosage identified.

Recent reports from NSW Health have highlighted cases of Nitazenes being sold as heroin, resulting in a surge of hospitalizations and ICU admissions. The community is being urged to be cautious and vigilant, as these illicit substances can have severe consequences. Public awareness campaigns stress the importance of recognizing early signs of opioid overdose and seeking immediate medical assistance to prevent fatalities.

Authorities emphasize the need for prompt action when faced with a potential overdose situation involving Nitazenes. Awareness and education are crucial in combating the spread of this deadly synthetic opioid and saving lives across Australia.


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Article Title: ‘No safe dosage’: Alarm sounded after increasing detection of synthetic opioid Nitazene at Australian border
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