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A recent dispute has emerged between Labor’s Clare O’Neil and Minister Peter Dutton regarding funding for Operation Sovereign Borders. O’Neil accused Dutton of spreading misinformation with easily disprovable claims about budget cuts to the operation. This accusation was countered by Michael Outram, who stated that the Australian Border Force’s funding has actually increased and is currently at its highest level since its establishment in 2015.

The clash between the two parties has reignited debates over border protection policies, with O’Neil criticizing Dutton for allegedly encouraging risky boat journeys through misleading statements. She emphasized that the funding issue is a matter of fact and should not be clouded by political rhetoric.

In response, Dutton denied politicizing the issue and highlighted the government’s efforts to rectify any errors in border protection measures. The debate continues to unfold as both sides stand firm on their positions regarding Operation Sovereign Borders’ funding.


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Article Title: Clare O’Neil accuses Peter Dutton of telling ‘easily disprovable lies’ over border force funding
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