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Health ministers from various states have thrown their support behind the proposed federal government’s vaping bans, aiming to prevent the recruitment of new smokers through e-cigarettes. The legislation on vaping ban, set to be discussed in parliament, seeks to prohibit the import, manufacture, and sale of vapes outside of pharmacies starting on July 1.

While the initiative on vaping ban has garnered support from health ministers, debates and concerns have emerged within parliament regarding the feasibility and impact of such bans. Coalition MPs, Greens, and crossbenchers have raised questions about the effectiveness of a prohibition strategy and the accessibility of vaping products for adults looking to quit smoking.

The government is planning an additional bill that will target non-therapeutic vapes and impose restrictions on their commercial availability. This move has sparked discussions among lawmakers about the need for tighter regulations and whether a complete ban is the most suitable approach.

As the legislative process unfolds, the government faces challenges in convincing parliamentarians to endorse the proposed vaping ban. The Nationals advocate for stringent regulations on vaping, similar to those applied to cigarettes and alcohol, emphasizing the need to restrict access to minors while ensuring availability for responsible adult users.

In light of these debates and differing perspectives, the future of vaping regulations in Australia remains uncertain, with further discussions expected to address concerns raised by various stakeholders in the coming weeks.


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Article Title: States back vaping bans, urging federal parliament to act
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