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A sentencing hearing for Jatinder Singh, who stole $6 million from a cryptocurrency platform, took an unexpected turn when his lawyers requested more time to assess if he has an intellectual disability. This new development stunned the judge, Martine Marich, after months of delays in the case.

The defense team argued that Singh’s understanding and decision-making abilities could be affected by a potential intellectual disability, which might have played a role in the theft of $6 million over 160 transactions. The saga began with Singh using his ex-girlfriend’s bank account to transfer funds, leading to a chain of events resulting in the large sum being mistakenly transferred to her account.

Forensic psychologist Gina Cidoni assessed Singh’s IQ at 69 and recommended further testing to understand his cognitive challenges. Judge Marich expressed frustration at the slow progress of the case but approved the request for more time, acknowledging that additional information could significantly impact Singh’s final sentence.

The court proceedings are set to resume in September, as the assessment of Singh’s possible intellectual disability continues to raise questions about his understanding of the legal implications of his actions.


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Article Title: Lawyers request time to explore crypto enthusiast’s ‘cognitive’ functioning
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