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A deliberately lit bushfire near Walpole along Western Australia’s southern coastline has been causing concern as it threatens ancient trees and wildlife in the area. Firefighters responded to the fire just after midnight on April 25, discovering seven ignition points spread over 20km. The fire has already consumed 8000 hectares, with extreme fire behavior fueled by winds and high fuel loads making containment efforts challenging.

Authorities suspect foul play due to the deliberate nature of the seven ignition points, prompting an investigation by the arson squad. An emergency warning remains in place as the fire poses a threat to lives, homes, and popular tourist attractions like the Valley of the Giants. Despite efforts to keep hikers safe, walking trails have been closed as a precaution.

The dry conditions in the area have exacerbated the fire’s spread, making it hard for firefighters to control. While the fire is currently within containment lines, it is not yet fully controlled. Firefighters are working tirelessly to battle the blaze and protect the environment. The community remains on alert as the situation unfolds.


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Article Title: Emergency for bushfire ‘deliberately lit’ along WA’s southern coastline
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