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In a shocking revelation, Wagga Wagga City Council has uncovered an illegal horse slaughterhouse on a secluded property, where more than 500 horse carcasses were found. The operation, suspected to have been in existence for a significant period, involved the killing and dumping of horses throughout the property. A joint investigation by various agencies, including NSW Police, is underway to determine the legality of the operation and gather evidence for possible offenses.

The property owner, along with the individual running the alleged makeshift slaughterhouse, is under scrutiny. The latter was previously placed on an “excluded persons list,” raising questions about the legality of the operation. Furthermore, concerns have been raised regarding the rehoming of brumbies and the transparency of the government’s brumby management plan.

The discovery has sparked outrage and calls for immediate involvement of authorities like the National Parks and Wildlife Service and RSPCA. With ongoing efforts to control the brumby population in Kosciuszko National Park, questions are being raised about the circumstances surrounding the establishment and operation of the illegal slaughterhouse. NSW Environment Minister Penny Sharpe and the NSW Environmental Protection Agency are being contacted for further comments on this distressing issue.


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Article Title: Horse slaughter house discovered in remote NSW
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