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A recent incident at an Australian Drakes supermarket captured a tradie stealing over $12,000 worth of meat, prompting the supermarket director, John-Paul Drake, to take innovative action. In response to increasing thefts, Drakes has introduced GPS trackers on meat packs to deter future incidents.

The theft issue extends beyond this single supermarket chain, with supermarkets nationwide facing a surge in theft attributed to the ongoing cost of living crisis. Woolworths and Coles have also reported escalating losses in their 2023 annual reports, citing organized retail crime and customer theft as contributing factors.

These developments shed light on the challenges faced by the retail sector, as they strive to balance customer needs and security measures in response to the changing economic landscape. The implementation of GPS trackers by Drakes serves as a proactive step towards safeguarding their products and minimizing financial losses amidst the prevailing environment of theft in supermarkets.


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Article Title: Footage captures tradie’s alleged $12k meat theft as Drakes boss resorts to tagging packets with GPS trackers
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