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In response to a wave of violent incidents, including a large-scale pub brawl involving 150 people, Alice Springs has introduced a youth curfew. This curfew restricts individuals under 18 from the high-risk area of Alice Springs CBD between the hours of 6pm and 6am. The aim of this measure is to address the escalating alcohol-related harm that has plagued the region for decades.

To combat the longstanding issue of alcohol-fueled violence and crime, authorities are exploring various strategies. These include discussions around potentially buying back liquor licenses and reducing the number of bottle shops in the area. Experts and stakeholders are engaged in conversations to find effective solutions to tackle the root causes of alcohol-related harm in Central Australia.

Acknowledging their role in addressing the broader social issues contributing to alcohol-related problems, the hospitality industry is actively engaging in finding solutions. They understand the need for scrutiny on the supply of alcohol in Alice Springs and emphasize the importance of responsible practices.

Negotiations are ongoing regarding potential buy-backs of liquor licenses and federal government assistance to mitigate the negative impact of excessive alcohol consumption. These efforts aim not only to address the immediate concerns caused by alcohol-related harm but also to work towards a sustainable solution that benefits the community as a whole.


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Article Title: Calls for federal government to help buy back Alice Springs take-away liquor licences
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