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At Law By Dan we have a team of employment lawyers in every state of Australia. Regardless of whether you’re an employer or employee, one of our lawyers can help you today.

Our employment lawyers have strong expertise in providing employment law advice, representation, mediation, workplace investigations, employment contracts, unfair dismissal, harassment, bullying etc.

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Finding Employment Lawyers with strong expertise and experience can be difficult. The best lawyers for your employment law matter aren’t necessarily those who rank #1 in a search engine or those who are recommended.

Employment law can be a complex area of law. At Law By Dan, we take the guesswork out of trying to find the best Employment Lawyers for your matter.

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Employment law matters can escalate very quickly if not handled promptly. At Law By Dan we’re aware of this and will treat your matter urgently regardless of whether you’re an employee or employer.

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Our Employment Lawyers offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Also, many of our Employment Lawyers offer a range of fee payment options, including no win no fee and fixed fee arrangements.


Whether you’re a business owner or employee of a business, it all starts and ends with an employment contract. Nearly all future employment law issues can be resolved if both business owners and employees have an effective contract.

In this respect, our employment lawyers can help your business with the drafting of contracts that meet the requirements of your business. Conversely, if you’re an employee who has an employment law issue, our employment lawyers will often start with your employment contract.

Contact our Employment Lawyers now to learn more about how we can help you.


Businesses change for all types of reasons, some of which are completely out of their control. When a business is forced to change from an operational perspective, more than likely there is an impact on employees in the business. Invariably following such an organisational change, there is a significant increase in workplace disputes if the change is not done in consultation with legal help.

If you’re a business considering a change operationally, get advice well before you start. Our employment lawyers can work with your business on minimising the risk of being immersed in costly employee disputes.

Talk with one of our employment lawyers today.


Workplaces are made up of humans. Accordingly, there are always “people issues.” When people’s issues are not taken care of promptly, invariably they escalate, they impact negatively on workplace culture, they become expensive to resolve and they cause unnecessary turbulence for a business and the people who work there.

At Law By Dan, regardless of whether you’re an employee or business owner, we can help you resolve workplace disputes promptly. If you’re a business owner, a proactive approach to minimising disputes starts with having policies and procedures in place. Surprisingly, many businesses do not have sufficient policies and procedures in place and if they do, often they’re deficient in many respects.

Talk to our Employment Lawyers today about either resolving your workplace dispute or alternatively help in the creation of watertight policies and procedures.

Unfair Dismissals

Unfair dismissal requires termination or dismissal to occur, followed by a determination as to whether or not that termination or dismissal was in fact, “unfair.”

Ultimately who makes that determination is the Fair Work Commission. The Fair Work Commission takes numerous matters into consideration. This area of law can be complex and it’s wise to get legal advice.

Here is more information on unfair dismissal.

If you’re an employee or employer dealing with unfair dismissal, talk to our employment lawyers today.

Other Matters

At Law By Dan, regardless of whether you’re an employer or employee our employment lawyers can assist you in a very wide range of employment law issues. Typically, our employment lawyers are helping with these issues:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Anti-discrimination Law
  • Termination of Employment (unfair dismissal)
  • Employment contract whereby work is performed
  • Workplace bullying and harassment
  • Workplace discrimination

If you’re an employer or employee and need legal help with these matters or others not mentioned, do not hesitate to contact our employment lawyers.