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In Western Australia, a 26-year-old father has admitted to a lesser charge of endangering his son’s life as he tried to baptize the child during a drug-induced psychotic episode. Initially facing an attempted murder charge for allegedly drowning his son, it was later revealed that bystanders misunderstood the situation, prompting a downgraded charge.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in court via video link from custody. His defense lawyer attributed the incident to the father’s use of drugs, leading to a state of psychosis. Despite the troubling nature of the offense, the defense emphasized the father’s youth and family separation during his time in custody.

Seeking bail, the father’s lawyer highlighted plans for him to reside with his family in regional Western Australia under strict conditions, including no illicit drug use and regular monitoring. The child’s mother supported his release, hoping for family reconciliation and re-engagement with his son.

The case is set to progress in the District Court in Karratha next month, with expectations for a resolution. The incident sheds light on the complexities of substance-induced behavior and misconceptions in public perception.


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Article Title: Father who drove into the water off Dampier with son pleads guilty to downgraded charges
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