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Former Australian cricket legend Michael Slater found himself in court facing serious domestic violence charges after allegedly sending over 300 abusive texts to a woman. The court proceedings revealed disturbing details of the accusations against Slater, including entering the woman’s dwelling, assault, stalking, and breaching bail conditions.

During his court appearance, Slater’s bail application was denied, leading to a dramatic moment where he collapsed upon learning of the decision. The court heard troubling accounts of the alleged abusive behavior, threats, and violent incidents involving Slater and the woman, including instances of choking and assault.

The charges against Slater paint a grim picture of his alleged actions, which include sending threatening messages, accessing the woman’s CCTV camera, and engaging in violent behavior towards her. The court documented disturbing details of the alleged incidents, such as threats to take the woman’s life, physical assaults, and menacing behavior involving an empty vodka bottle.

The case against Michael Slater serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence and severity of domestic violence issues. It highlights the importance of addressing and preventing such behaviors to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals affected by domestic violence.


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Article Title: ‘Liar’: Disgraced Test cricketer, commentator Michael Slater’s alleged 300 abusive texts revealed
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