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Find a Best Lawyer in Gold Coast, Queensland

If you have a court case coming up on the Gold Coast, we are the people to see. We are readily available for a no-obligation, confidential consultation.

Gold Coast Family Lawyers

Having to endure a marriage or relationship break down, particularly one involving children, is often one of the most distressing times in a person’s life.

During this time, it is pivotal that you seek guidance from experienced family lawyers.

At Law By Dan, we are strongly acquainted with the complexities of all family law matters and will ensure you understand your legal rights and obligations.

We are committed to resolving your legal matter and achieving practical solutions.

Our friendly team can assist you with separation, children and parenting, mediation, family violence, property settlements, divorce and any other family law matter you may have.

Gold Coast Criminal Lawyers

Here at Harry Quinn, we are renowned for providing strong representation to each and every client with our main objective, to ensure you receive the very best outcome possible.

Our Gold Coast criminal lawyers specialise in a variety of criminal law areas including; traffic offences, drink driving, drug offences, and legal aid. Our Gold Coast criminal lawyers strive to surpass client expectations and aim to provide, excellent, personalised services to each client whom we work with.

Gold Coast Compensation Lawyers

If you have been involved in an accident resulting in injury as a consequence of the actions or negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation.

Here at Law By Dan, we can help you make a compensation claim. Our team of Gold Coast compensation lawyers can help you resolve a broad array of compensation matters including medical negligence, super claims, workplace injuries, public liability, and many more.

If you have any further inquiries relative to your specific accident or sustained injuries, we are readily available for a no-obligation, confidential consultation.

Gold Coast Employment Lawyers

Here at Law By Dan, we provide advice on all aspects of employment and unfair dismissal law. Our employment lawyers can help you with employment contracts, remuneration strategies, employment policies, human resources management, unfair and unlawful dismissal, discrimination, sexual harassment, unrealistic conditions, health and safety issues, discrimination, general protections, and termination of employment.

We are advocates for ensuring both employers and employees are familiar with their rights, obligations and responsibilities. We will ensure you receive expert advice to tackle your legal matter in the best way possible.

Gold Coast Business Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we are widely recognized for our continuing contribution to ensuring local business and individual clients receive innovative and tailored legal services to suit their business.

Our team of business lawyers are committed to forging lasting relationships with each and every client; ensuring a client-centric approach is applied in every situation. Our business lawyers are well acquainted with Australian business laws and will ensure you receive personalized advice regarding your business.

Gold Coast Wills and Estate Lawyers

Choosing what happens to your assets and estate when you’re gone is a process that takes time and often, a lot of thought. Going through this process alone is often not sought after and thus, advice from a good wills and estate lawyer is useful.

Our wills and estate lawyers are available at any time to discuss your will and estate as well as guide you throughout the entire process from the initial planning stage to the final stage where your estate will be transferred to the appropriate beneficiaries.