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In Sydney, the Lucky 7 convenience store in Caringbah has been at the center of a controversy for repeatedly selling illegal nicotine vapes to underage individuals, despite warnings from New South Wales Health. This case sheds light on the persistent challenges faced by authorities in combating the illegal sale of vaping products.

Recent prosecutions in NSW have targeted individuals and businesses engaged in the unlawful sale of nicotine vapes, signaling a crackdown on this illicit activity. The strict regulations surrounding the sale of vapes containing nicotine in Australia underscore the seriousness of this issue, with penalties including fines and potential imprisonment for offenders.

Efforts are underway to address the growing public health crisis posed by underage vaping, with authorities working to strengthen penalties and enforce compliance with existing laws. As the government and health officials continue their fight against the easy access to nicotine vapes for young people, the need for stricter regulations and heightened enforcement measures becomes increasingly apparent.


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Article Title: NSW Health launched just 12 prosecutions for illegal vape sales over 18 months, penalties labelled ‘ludicrously low’
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