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In a recent development, an immigration detainee hailing from Burundi, Kimbengere Gosoge, was apprehended in Perth for violating his visa-mandated curfew and monitoring obligations. The Australian Federal Police detained Mr. Gosoge after allegedly failing to adhere to his curfew requirements and maintain his monitoring device in working condition between April 26 and May 1.

Accused of five charges related to non-compliance with the curfew condition and one charge for failing to upkeep the monitoring device, Mr. Gosoge appeared in the Midland Magistrates Court in Perth. As a result, he has been remanded in custody pending his next court appearance scheduled for May 15. These events underscore the challenges associated with monitoring detainees released into the community following a legal ruling last year.

The case of Kimbengere Gosoge echoes previous instances where detainees, upon release, breached their visa conditions, leading to criminal activities. Notably, one such case involved Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan, who was arrested for a violent home invasion in Perth. Despite repeated breaches of his curfew and monitoring conditions, Mr. Doukoshkan was granted bail by the Commonwealth authorities.

This incident sheds light on the complexities of post-release detainee monitoring and the need for robust mechanisms to ensure compliance with visa conditions to safeguard the community from potential harm.


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Article Title: Another detainee fronts court for allegedly breaching visa conditions and monitoring
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