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An ongoing inquest into the death of a man who passed away after consuming alternative “medicines” at a spiritual retreat in northern New South Wales has been adjourned to allow for the emergence of new witnesses shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident.

Jarrad Antonovich, aged 46, died after consuming ayahuasca and participating in a “kambo” ritual during a six-day spiritual festival near Kyogle in October 2021. The inquest proceedings began in May 2023 and took a pause as police obtained a list of attendees from the Dreaming Arts festival to enable further witness testimonies regarding Antonovich’s prolonged and agonizing death.

During the recent court hearings, two witnesses revealed that participants were discouraged from discussing Antonovich’s death by the festival’s spiritual leader, Soulore “Lore” Solaris, and members of the inner circle known as “guardians.” Despite denials from Solaris’s legal representative, Alex Radojev, the coroner is keen on gathering more information to paint a clearer picture of the events leading to Antonovich’s demise.

The inquest aims to prevent similar incidents and not to pass judgment on personal lifestyle choices. It seeks to bring to light the circumstances surrounding Antonovich’s death and ensure that necessary measures are taken to avoid such tragedies in the future. This adjournment, although prolonging the process, is essential in uncovering new information and seeking justice for those affected by this loss.


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Article Title: New witnesses offer fresh information into ‘kambo’ death at northern NSW spiritual retreat
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