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Jordan Ray Finlayson, a former reality TV personality, is currently in a residential rehabilitation facility as she awaits sentencing for multiple offenses, including driving under the influence of drugs and fraud. Finlayson pleaded guilty to charges related to drug use and falsifying medical documents to avoid reporting obligations while on bail.

The court heard that Finlayson had been arrested twice for driving under the influence of drugs, which violated her parole conditions. Additionally, she had submitted false medical certificates to evade mandatory reporting to the police.

Her lawyer successfully requested an adjournment for sentencing, which the court granted. The court will now determine the appropriate re-sentencing for her breach of parole related to the drug charges. Finlayson’s case highlights the serious legal consequences of drug-related offenses and the importance of adhering to parole conditions.


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Article Title: Troubled former reality TV star Jordan Finlayson in rehab ahead of sentencing for drug charge
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