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In a shocking turn of events, Justin Stein, accused of the murder of Charlise Mutten, vehemently denied the allegations, asserting that he never harmed the young girl. Stein’s testimony provided a detailed account of the events leading to Charlise’s death, painting a grim picture of a confrontation with Ms. Mutten, who he claims shot Charlise.

Stein stated in court that he witnessed Ms. Mutten shoot Charlise and tried to intervene, but the situation tragically escalated. He firmly denied accusations of disposing of Charlise’s body in a plastic barrel near Colo River, insisting that he had never touched her.

Furthermore, Stein refuted allegations that he engaged in drug use or sexual activities in Centennial Park. Despite his denials, under cross-examination, Stein admitted to being aware of Ms. Mutten’s lies and acknowledged the severe consequences of his actions.

As the trial continues, Stein’s account of the events surrounding Charlise’s death remains under intense scrutiny. The court awaits further developments as Stein maintains his innocence amidst the harrowing accusations.


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Article Title: Alleged killer denies shooting Charlise Mutten, tells jury he ‘never touched’ schoolgirl
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