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Australian entertainer Kamahl, known for his long-standing presence in the music industry, is currently in the spotlight for facing charges of stalking and intimidation. The charges stem from alleged text messages he sent to a woman who is 50 years his junior. The 89-year-old singer, born Kandiah Kamalesvaran but widely recognized by his stage name Kamahl, will be appearing in the Sutherland local court in southern Sydney on 5 June to address the accusations.

The incident reportedly involves a financial transaction where Kamahl provided a loan to the 38-year-old woman for a business endeavor. Despite the legal proceedings ahead, Kamahl has expressed calmness regarding his upcoming court appearance, as indicated in an interview with Nine News. Notably, there have been no implications of any sex-related offenses associated with the case.

With a career spanning over five decades and notable hits such as “Sounds of Goodbye” and “The Elephant Song,” Kamahl’s personal life also made headlines in late 2021 when he announced his separation from his wife of 55 years. As the legal process unfolds, the entertainer’s fans and the public await further developments in this unexpected chapter of his life.


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Article Title: Kamahl charged with stalking and intimidating a 38-year-old woman
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