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The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, renowned for its koala cuddling experiences, has decided to end this practice and replace it with “close-up” encounters. This change comes in response to international calls for the outlawing of koala cuddling due to animal welfare concerns.

While cuddling koalas is not illegal in Queensland, the practice is strictly regulated to ensure the well-being of the animals. These regulations include specific guidelines on handling, photography sessions, and the use of koalas for tourist purposes.

Animal welfare groups argue that koala cuddling can be stressful for the animals and may interfere with their natural behaviors. They have been advocating for a complete ban on the practice to better protect these iconic marsupials.

Despite these concerns, the Queensland government has not indicated any plans to alter the current laws regarding koala interactions. For now, the strict regulations remain in place to mitigate any potential harm to the animals.

The move by Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary reflects a growing awareness and commitment to animal welfare, providing visitors with alternative ways to appreciate these beloved creatures without causing them undue stress.

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Article Title: Should cuddling koalas be legal? Here’s why there’s a push to ban it in Queensland
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