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A man is facing charges following a hair-raising near miss between a truck and a train at a level crossing in Western Australia’s Goldfields. The incident, captured in footage released by Aurizon, occurred near Norseman when the truck ignored warning lights and narrowly avoided colliding with the oncoming train. The 29-year-old Victorian man has been charged with dangerous driving and is scheduled to appear in Kalgoorlie Magistrates Court on April 29.

Despite the train’s efforts to warn the truck driver with its horn and all safety devices, including bells and whistles, working properly, the truck driver failed to respond to the imminent danger. The train involved in the incident was pulling over 100 carriages and carrying a substantial load weight of more than 9,700 tonnes. This shocking event serves as a reminder of the importance of obeying safety signals at level crossings to prevent potentially catastrophic accidents.


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Article Title: Truck driver charged after almost colliding with train at Norseman level crossing
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