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A Sydney man, Benjamin Cohen, has taken legal action against Seven News for wrongly identifying him as the Bondi Junction killer. The network issued an apology and clarified that the actual perpetrator was Joel Cauchi. Cohen has engaged defamation lawyers and expressed disappointment over the misinformation spread, particularly by a major news network.

In response to being falsely accused, Cohen has sought damages from Seven News. The network quickly rectified their mistake and publicly acknowledged the error, confirming the real identity of the perpetrator as Joel Cauchi from Queensland.

Despite the apology, Cohen’s name continued to trend on social media platforms, with over 70,000 posts associating him with the attack. This incident has shed light on the dangers of spreading misinformation and the impact it can have on individuals falsely implicated in crimes.

The White Rose Society also noted misleading claims surrounding the attack, including attempts by neo-Nazi accounts to manipulate the situation to fit their narrative. Cohen’s case adds to a growing concern about the spread of false information and its repercussions on innocent individuals.


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Article Title: Sydney man Benjamin Cohen wrongly named as Bondi Junction killer by Channel Seven seeks damages
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