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Across Melbourne, our lawyers are distinguished by their adequate and affordable legal services to all clients. All of our Melbourne lawyers reside in Melbourne and are easily accessible through face to face meetings or phone call.

If you have found yourself in a legal dilemma and require prompt advice or strong representation in court, our team of lawyers are here to help. Our team of experienced and friendly Melbourne lawyers can provide you with legal services in the following areas: family law, criminal law, compensation law, employment law, business law and wills and estate law.

Melbourne Family Lawyers

Enduring a family break-down is stressful and emotional; particularly when going through it without support. If you are in need of expert legal advice from lawyers who understand the emotional ordeal you are going through, our Melbourne family lawyers are the people to see. The compassionate and patient nature of our Melbourne family lawyers will no doubt numb the pain of every family and divorce matter.

Our Melbourne family lawyers will not only approach your legal matter with sensitivity but also common-sense, giving you the best chance of a successful outcome toward a happier future. Our Melbourne family lawyers are experienced in prenuptial agreements, property consent orders, counselling clients through family mediation processes, child recovery orders as well as any other relevant legal matter you may have.

Our Melbourne family lawyers are renowned for ensuring your rights as our client are fairly considered.

Melbourne Criminal Lawyers

Being at the forefront of a criminal conviction or charge is extremely stressful, particularly if you are without a good criminal lawyer. Our Melbourne criminal lawyers are honest and provide experienced advice promptly. By putting forward a compelling argument as well as having strong representation, will higher the chances of achieving a successful outcome in your criminal matter.

Having to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system alone can pose major stress which is why having a good criminal lawyer to guide you through it is vital.

Our Melbourne criminal lawyers are renowned for supporting each and every client through their entire legal matter from the time a charge is laid to appearing in court. Our Melbourne criminal lawyers are renowned for their undivided attention and expertise throughout the duration of all legal matters

Melbourne Compensation Lawyers

From vehicle accidents and injuries sustained in the workplace, through to injuries in public areas and poor medical care, there are many cases where compensation is entitled to. Here at Best Lawyers, our Melbourne compensation lawyers are experienced in dealing with them all. Those who have been through the compensation process will often describe it as being stressful for all parties involved. However, it doesn’t have to be!

Our Melbourne compensation lawyers are driven by advocating for each client and their rights to achieve the best possible results, adhering to current claims laws.

Melbourne Employment Lawyers

As accredited employment lawyers, our team of Melbourne employment lawyers are primarily focused on supporting people who are starting up or running a business while ensuring effective solutions are achieved to attend to their legal needs.

As Melbourne employment lawyers, our team are often faced with legal matters such as workplace disputes, workplace regulation, workplace rights, employment termination and unfair dismissal, and employment contracts and awards. If any of the following legal matters are applicable to you, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Melbourne employment lawyers to assist you.

Melbourne Business Lawyers

Our Melbourne business lawyers are renowned for providing gold-class legal services to all businesses in and around Melbourne.

Our Melbourne business lawyers attend to each client’s needs with a holistic approach and a profound understanding of technology and commercial knowledge.

Our Melbourne business lawyers are advocates for empowering employers and employees to be proactive in their legal dispute and in-turn our lawyers will provide constructive feedback and workable solutions.

Melbourne Wills and Estate Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we are here to provide you with prompt and equally agreeable outcomes to resolve your dispute or settlement.

Our Melbourne wills and estate lawyers obtain both the skills and passion to provide each and every client with strong representation and legal services to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our Melbourne estate planning lawyers often work with clients who have attempted to create their will with the confidence they have sufficiently and adequately completed the process. However, this often results in a poorly written will which require erasing and starting the process again.

With the help from one of our Melbourne wills and estate lawyers, each client can be assured that they are settling up a fair and adequate document as well as an estate that is placed in experienced hands.