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Mexican drug cartels have emerged as the primary suppliers of methamphetamine in Australia, surpassing traditional sources in Southeast Asia. The Australian Federal Police disclosed that North American producers, including Mexico, the United States, and Canada, now account for around 70% of the meth market in the country.

During the 2022-23 period, authorities intercepted more than 23.6 tonnes of meth originating from North America that were destined for Australian shores. Out of this, 4.36 tonnes were seized within the country. Despite these efforts, Australians consumed 10.5 tonnes of meth during the same year, ranking it as the second most consumed drug in Australia according to the National Wastewater Monitoring Drug Program.

The shift towards North American suppliers is attributed to the cost efficiency of producing meth in Mexico compared to Southeast Asia. With production costs significantly lower in Mexico, it has become more appealing for organized crime groups to source meth from North America. The Australian Federal Police emphasized their collaboration with global law enforcement partners to disrupt methamphetamine trafficking, with a decreasing trend in seizures of Southeast Asian-produced methamphetamine in Australia since 2021.


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Article Title: Mexican drug cartels pushing tonnes of meth on Australians: AFP
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