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Find a Lawyer in Newcastle, NSW

At Law By Dan, our main objective is to provide you with professional, sustainable and practical solutions to solve your legal matter.

We are dedicated and specialise in a wide array of legal areas to meet your needs.

Newcastle Family Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we are the best in their field.

We are readily available to help you get past any family difficulty that you may be facing. Our Newcastle family lawyers are committed to ensuring the response we give you is tailored to satisfy your individual needs. Our family lawyers can assist you with anything from divorce and separation to prenuptial agreements and all other areas of family law.

Newcastle Criminal Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we deliver a breadth of criminal law experience.

Our criminal lawyers are here to help you systematically map out your options in reference to your matter, as well as give you a sense of clarity about the court proceedings. Being at the brunt of the criminal justice system can often be daunting. However, we will ensure that you are aware of each step and will fight harder for your rights.


Newcastle Compensation Lawyers

If you have been involved in an accident, you may be entitled to a compensation claim. Here at Law By Dan, we are here to help!

Our compensation lawyers are experienced in all facets of compensation law. We can assist you with anything from making a claim to get compensation  to discovering whether there are other opportunities to claim compensation through your superannuation policies.

Newcastle Employment Lawyers

If you are facing an employment law issue, our employment lawyers are the people to see.

At Law By Dan, we are committed to each client and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. For any business to be successful, the implementation of employment law is imperative. Whether you are an employer, employee or a business owner, seeking quality advice and guidance from a reputable employment lawyer can make all the difference in future growth and development. When in need for an expert and reliable lawyer for your business, contact employment lawyers.

Newcastle Business Lawyers

Whether you are starting up a business or you have one already up and running, a common factor exists in each challenges.

At Law By Dan, our we can help. By choosing any of our business lawyers, you will receive quality guidance and advice, tailored to your business and its ongoing growth.

Our business lawyers can listen and assist you in choosing a business entity that is suitable to your circumstances, register your company, review contracts and much more within the realm of business law.

Newcastle Wills and Estate Lawyers

At Law By Dan, we can assist you with the entire process of making your will, right  through to distributing your property to your chosen beneficiaries. Although this may seem daunting, our Wills and Estate lawyers are experienced in their field and will ensure your wellbeing is protected at all times during the process.

Our wills and estate lawyers understand that making a will is a lifelong commitment and will provide you with detailed advice to ensure you and your family are satisfied with the future outcomes.