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NSW Police have raised concerns about the increasing prevalence of deepfake scams targeting unsuspecting Australians. These scams involve scammers utilizing AI technology to create fake videos or messages that mimic loved ones or celebrities, with the aim of deceiving individuals into fraudulent schemes or stealing their money and personal information.

The police alert emphasizes the importance of being vigilant and cautious when encountering suspicious content, especially online. They advise the public to watch out for telltale signs of deepfake videos, such as unnatural expressions, mismatched lip-synching, and unusual blinking. To protect oneself from falling victim to such scams, individuals are encouraged to take proactive measures:

  • Pay attention to inconsistencies in videos and messages.
  • Establish a family password or phrase for verification during phone calls or video chats.
  • Ask personal questions only known to the caller.
  • Avoid making hasty decisions under pressure.
  • Conduct thorough research on the legitimacy of investment opportunities.

Furthermore, NSW Police urge anyone who encounters or suspects a deepfake scam to report it promptly to By staying informed, alert, and proactive, individuals can safeguard themselves and their loved ones from falling prey to digital deception.


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Article Title: ‘Don’t fall for the illusion’: NSW Police issue dire warning amid new trend of deepfake AI scams sweeping the country
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