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A 21-year-old police officer in New South Wales is facing charges after being involved in a street racing incident that resulted in a crash. The officer was driving his BMW on the Princes Highway when the incident occurred, allegedly racing another vehicle before losing control and colliding with a power pole.

According to NSW police, the constable has been charged with promoting a race between vehicles, driving recklessly at a dangerous speed, and negligent driving. As a result of the charges, the officer’s license has been suspended, and his employment status is currently being reviewed.

Investigations into the street racing incident are still ongoing, with officers from Nowra Traffic Highway Patrol also speaking with the 18-year-old driver of the second vehicle involved. The police officer is scheduled to appear before the Nowra Local Court on Tuesday, April 2, to address the charges brought against him.


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Article Title: NSW police officer charged with street racing and crashing luxury car
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