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Registered nurse Woei Tay has been reprimanded and disqualified from practicing for engaging in highly unprofessional and inappropriate relationships with two vulnerable mental health patients. Her actions included staying overnight at a patient’s home and soliciting money, which breached the professional boundaries expected in her role.

Tay’s misconduct extended to serious breaches of confidentiality. She disclosed personal information about patients, engaged in non-clinical communication, and shared details about their medication and admissions. These actions violated the trust placed in her as a healthcare professional and had adverse consequences for the patients involved.

The tribunal found Tay’s conduct to be severe breaches of trust and professionalism. As a result, she has been disqualified from applying as a re-registered health practitioner for 12 months. This decision underscores the importance of maintaining professional boundaries and complying with regulations in healthcare.


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Article Title: Mental health nurse Woei Tay disqualified for ‘inappropriate’ relationships with patients
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