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Sorrento beach in Perth became a somber gathering place as people assembled to honor Jake and Callum Robinson, who tragically lost their lives while on a surfing trip in Mexico. The brothers, along with their American friend, were found shot dead in Northern Mexico, prompting shock and grief across communities in both Australia and abroad.

The tribute took the form of a poignant “paddle-out” event, where surfers, lifesavers, and paddlers formed a circle in the ocean. They raised their oars in a heartfelt tribute to the Robinson brothers, reflecting on their love for surfing and their vibrant spirits.

Authorities in Mexico have charged Jesús Gerardo, also known as “El Kekas,” in connection with the disappearance of the brothers and their friend. The incident has sparked calls for increased safety measures at Mexico’s beaches, highlighting concerns about travel risks in certain regions.

The Robinson brothers, avid surfers well-known in their local community, are remembered fondly for their passion for the ocean and adventurous spirit. The gathering at Sorrento beach served as a poignant reminder of their impact and the global reach of their tragic story.


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Article Title: Hundreds attend paddle-out memorial for Perth brothers Callum and Jake Robinson, after their deaths in Mexico
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