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The Queensland government, led by Premier Steven Miles, has introduced proposed law changes aimed at providing greater access to the Children’s Court for victims and journalists. This move follows an incident involving the tragic death of Vyleen White, where media were initially restricted from attending the court appearance of a 16-year-old boy charged with the crime.

The planned amendments seek to improve transparency and scrutiny in court proceedings involving children accused of violent offenses. Currently, the laws limit access to Children’s Court proceedings, but the proposed changes aim to allow journalists and victims’ families to attend court hearings.

While these changes have been welcomed by some, including Vyleen White’s daughter Cindy Micallef, others feel that the proposed amendments may not go far enough in addressing the challenges posed by youth crime. Concerns have also been raised about minors having easy access to knives at home, despite legislation being proposed to restrict knife sales to minors.

The government’s efforts to enhance access and transparency in the Children’s Court demonstrate a commitment to ensuring justice and accountability in cases involving young offenders. These proposed changes mark a significant step towards improving the legal process and support available to victims and the media in Queensland.


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Article Title: Queensland government flags law changes to increase transparency around Childrens Court
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