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Qantas is embroiled in a legal battle with the Transport Workers Union (TWU) over the unlawful sacking of 1,700 ground service staff during the peak of the Covid pandemic. The court is currently deliberating on compensation for the affected workers, with much of the debate focusing on counterfactual scenarios regarding the airline’s outsourcing decisions.

Qantas has defended its actions by highlighting the severe financial losses it faced in 2020 and 2021, arguing that cost-saving measures were necessary for the airline’s survival. However, Justice Lee pointed out that Qantas appeared to prioritize financial savings over the welfare of its employees.

During the hearings, evidence was presented from high-ranking Qantas executives, including Colin Hughes and Andrew David, to shed light on the decision-making process. The court continues to scrutinize Qantas’ actions and determine appropriate compensation for the unlawfully dismissed staff, with a strong emphasis on the company’s focus on cost-cutting at the expense of its workforce.


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Article Title: Qantas battling workers’ union over illegal outsourcing compensation
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