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Queensland police have made a significant breakthrough in intercepting one of the state’s largest cocaine imports, valued at over $160 million. The Australian federal police successfully seized 500kg of cocaine as part of a mother-daughter ship operation. Three individuals were apprehended at the Boyne Island boat ramp, with authorities confirming that the men, aged 27, 45, and 66, were under police surveillance since their journey from NSW to Gladstone in April.

The intercepted cocaine, consisting of 32 blocks of powdered substance, has an estimated street value exceeding $162 million, showcasing the magnitude of the illicit drug trade. Investigations are currently underway to determine the origin of the seized drugs, with the Australian Federal Police emphasizing that such a large quantity could fuel more than two million individual street deals, posing a significant threat to the community.

The successful operation highlights the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in combating drug trafficking activities. Despite the challenges posed by large-scale drug imports at ports like Gladstone, the meticulous efforts of the Australian Border Force and the Australian Federal Police led to the interception of the eight-meter fishing boat carrying the illicit cargo. The three suspects are due to appear in Gladstone Magistrates Court on July 19, facing charges that could result in life imprisonment.

This recent drug bust follows other unrelated cases involving cocaine importation plots in Queensland, indicating a concerning trend in criminal activities. The continuous efforts by law enforcement agencies to disrupt drug trafficking networks demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding communities from the harmful impacts of illegal drugs.


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Article Title: Three men charged after 500kg of cocaine worth $160m seized in Queensland
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