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Reality TV personality Arabella Del Busso made headlines as she sought a reduction in her jail sentence after being convicted of stealing $52,000 from her employer. Del Busso, known for her appearance on a reality show and as an ex-WAG, appeared in court via video link wearing a prison-issued outfit. Her lawyer argued that the intense media scrutiny surrounding her case was unwarranted and caused further distress to Del Busso.

The Crown prosecutor refuted claims that Del Busso’s actions were linked to mental health issues, stating that the theft was solely for personal financial gain. Del Busso had been sentenced to 20 months in jail back in February and has remained incarcerated since then.

The judge was set to deliver a decision on Del Busso’s appeal later in the day. The case continues to attract public attention due to the involvement of a high-profile personality and allegations of breaches of trust.


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Article Title: Former NRL WAG and reality TV contestant’s complaint after $52k theft
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