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NSW Premier Chris Minns has taken action in response to revelations of substantial termination payouts to former NSW Police chief media advisers, totaling nearly $700,000 over the past two years. The Premier’s decision to conduct a review comes after it was disclosed that these payments were made in accordance with legislation mandating 38 weeks’ pay for dismissed employees before the end of their contract.

The disclosed amounts include payments to Liz Deegan and Alexandra Hodgkinson, who were let go by Commissioner Karen Webb. While Commissioner Webb has been transparent about some of the termination figures, the exact amount paid to Steve Jackson, whose contract was terminated before commencing his role due to external distractions, remains undisclosed.

Premier Minns expressed concerns over the significant sums being paid out from public funds and emphasized the need for accountability and transparency in these separation payments. This move signals a commitment to ensuring taxpayer money is used efficiently and appropriately within the public service sector.


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Article Title: NSW Premier Chris Minns announces review into termination payouts after almost $690,000 handed to police media advisers
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