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A former staff member at Launceston General Hospital in Tasmania is under scrutiny for allegedly editing certified death certificates, prompting a comprehensive review. This issue came to light during an inquiry into ambulance ramping, where a nurse midwife raised initial claims of falsified death certificates.

An independent panel, led by Adjunct Professor Debora Picone, identified significant irregularities and potential failures within the hospital. The investigation revealed that a senior specialist medical practitioner, who also served as an executive director, completed and edited medical certificates without having attended the patients before their deaths.

The review initially focused on 20 patient cases but has now expanded to include an additional 63 deaths that were originally assessed by the same staff member. The Department of Health has committed to supporting the families and individuals affected by these findings.


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Article Title: 63 more cases at Launceston General Hospital to be investigated over ‘irregular’ death certificate practices
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